“We will be ready” – Nimrod Hilliard

Det lykkes ikke for Horsens IC at hive en sejr hjem på hjemmebane i kamp 1 i DM finalen mod Bakken Bears. Spillet kørte ikke for de forsvarende mestre og derfor kunne Bakken Bears hive en sejr hjem på udebane, og dermed bringe sig foran 1-0 i finalen. Vi har taget en snak med Nimrod Hilliard for at hører ham om kampen og om hvad der skal ske i kamp 2 i aften. 

A 22 point loss to Bakken Bears in game 1, of the finals, can you put some words on the game?

There isn’t a lot of words that can be said about game one! They came in our house and took game one. As far as losing by 22 its our fault. Everything that happen in the game are things we can control and get better at. I’m glad there is a quick turnaround before the next game so we can jump back in the action.

What went wrong for Horsens IC in the game?

We didn’t play smart and we didn’t play with the fire we are known for playing with. They killed us on offensive rebounds and we missed too many easy lay ups that just can’t happen if you want to win the championship.

How will the team rise for game 2 in Aarhus?

The team will have a great practice today and do what ever we have to do the job. We will be ready.

What can we expect to from Horsens IC in game 2?

Game 2 I expect us to play with fire and totally locked in… It’s a 7 game series, can’t be too high can’t be too low. Time to pull together and win.

Det er i aften at Horsens IC skal forsøge at vinde kamp 2, for at holde liv i drømmen om endnu et DM.