“We had the fire power to come back” – Marquis Addison

Det er nu dagen efter at Horsens IC sejrede over Bakken Bears, og merebuepaa har netop talt med Marquis Addison, som er godt tilfreds med at holdet fik en sejr med hjem fra Aarhus.

A great win, and a great comeback, how did you see the game?

It was a great come back, late in the second quarter we realized what we had to do to overcome the deficit & we clawed back piece by piece. We didn’t try to get it all back at once & I feel like that really helped us prevail.

Down with 16 points against Bakken Bears, what went through your head at that point?

When we went down 16 we still knew we had the fire power to come back & win. We knew it wouldn’t be easy & we had a few adjustments we had to make to find our success.

You and Vedran really stepped it up, but Horsens only used 7-8 players, in the game, is that gonna be an disadvantage going in to the playoffs?

Sometimes as a coach you just go with the flow, I feel yesterday that’s what he did. He saw a line up that was most effective for us late in the game & stuck with it. I don’t see it as a disadvantage in the playoffs at all, we have plenty of weapons on the bench.

How important was last nights win against Bakken Bears, Horsens IC is so close to getting that 1.place spot?

It was an important win just like every other one. It not only got us one step closer to the top; it put some separation upon 1st & 2nd place.


Interview   Thomas Sauer Hvidholm