“We can compete with anybody” – Nathaniel Eskinazi

SISU vandt kamp 1 i den første DM semifinale mod Horsens IC. Efter kamp 5 i kvartfinalen mod Hørsholm, som SISU vandt, tog træner Jim Jabir hjem, han havde fået et job, han ikke kunne sige nej til, og han skulle begynde med det samme. Hvad skulle SISU, så gøre? Man fik selvfølgelig Nathaniel Eskinazi, som har siddet på bænken hele sæsonen igennem, til at stå for holdet, han skulle forsøge at vinde kamp 1 i semifinalen, og det gjorde han. Vi tog en snak med om kampen, Jim Jabir og om hvordan de skal vinde kamp 2 i aften på hjemmebane.

A great win against the defending champions. What kind of game was it? 
This game was played at a very high level. We came into it engaged and focused. Two days to prepare for the game was a short amount of time but we made the best of it and executed the way we wanted too.
What went well, in the game, that made your team win?
We did what we do best, we shared the basketball. Shots were falling early and we made some big stops on the defensive end in crucial points throughout the game. I think that us having the title as the underdogs has really fueled the fire, really giving the us some extra motivation. We know that when we play our game, we can compete with anybody.
Jim Jabir left the club, shortly after the quarterfinal win against Hørsholm. Did the players know he was leaving? And did they fight even harder, knowing he was leaving?
None of us knew that he was leaving. He told us shortly after our quarter-final game 5 victory in Horsholm. We were all upset, but the guys new that the season was far from over, and we had two days to prepare for Horsens. We quickly put it past us and started in preparation for the next task at hand.
After Jim left, it was you standing in the headcoaching role. How was that?
It is a great opportunity for me, and I am fortunate to be in the position that I am in. I was able to take over in January during the season for Jim when his paperwork wasn’t cleared, but this is different now. I have learned a lot from the two previous coaches that I have worked with this season, and I am just looking forward to finishing what we have started.
Game 2 is coming up, on your homecourt. How will SISU, win that game to make it 2-0?
We just need to continue to play at the same intensity that we have been. Our team is very unselfish and we play team ball. Taking game 1 in Forum Horsens is a tough thing to do, and the guys really stepped up. We are looking forward to seeing all of SISU Nation in Gentoftehallen supporting us like they have been all season.
Kamp 2 i semifinale serien spilles i aften kl. 18.30 i Gentoftehallen.