“They can expect a lot of pressure” – Ivana Udovalieva

Lemvig Basketball er i pokalfinalen, her skal de spille i mod de forsvarende danske mestre fra Virum Go Dream. Det bliver helt sikkert en kamp, hvor Lemvig, skal spille op til deres absolut bedste hvis de skal have en chance for at følge med mestrene. Vi har taget en snak med en af de bedste guards i den danske dameliga, Ivana Udovalieva, for at hører hende om pokalfinalen, og om hvad hun tror Lemvigs chancer er for at vinde.

Ivana Udovalieva er klar til pokalfinalen på lørdag.

Ivana Udovalieva er klar til pokalfinalen på lørdag.

Lemvig is back in the Pokalfinale, How does it feel?

It feels great to be in the cup finals again. This is huge for the club, our supporters and the town in general. It’s such a great experience for everyone.

You have been at Forum Horsens before, playing the pokalfinale, what can some of the new players in the Lemvig team expect?

They can expect a lot of pressure, excitement and an adrenaline rush. This game is unlike any other regular season games in the danish women’s league. We play in a bigger gym with a lot more fans, and we’re surrounded by cameras and microphones. It is a whole different setting. Any player would remember this game as one of the highlights in their career.

Lemvig is facing, Virum Go Dream, what can We expect of the game? And what will be Lemvigs keys to win the game?

Definitely a very exciting and close game. It will come down to details, decision making and execution. Our key to winning this game will definitely be our defense. Our effort and communication have to be on a very high level and our rotations have to be punctual. We have to stay disciplined in our offense and if we run our plays and stick to the game plan, our chances to win will be very high.

Virum Go Dream, is a strong team, the last game between the two clubs ended 75-48 to Virum. Is Virum Go Dream just a better team? Or does Lemvig has something to prove?

Lemvig Basket did not leave a good impression in the last game against Virum but we have a lot to prove. We had a very poor performance that day. No doubt that Virum is a better team on paper, they have lost only one game this season, but that motivates us even more to play well and win this cup final.

Det er på lørdag at pokalfinalen for damer er. Der er tip off kl. 14.30 i Forum Horsens.