“There was a lot of ups & downs” – Evan Yates

Manden bag afslutningsbuzzeren fra kampen mellem Svendborg Rabbits og Hørsholm 79’ers, Evan Yates, fortæller her om kampen og forventningerne til den næste kamp i serien, efter sejren på 82-85 mandag aften. 

A close game once again, you had the final shot, what went through your head when you shot the ball?

Yeah I was just thinking that I needed to get as close to half court as possible then I would pass it off to someone else. When the double team came, I had picked up my dribble & was kind of forced to throw it up & thankfully it went it.

(Video: coachdribbledrive)

What kind of game was it?

There was a lot of ups & downs, we had a big lead mid 4th quarter & then they made a big run & finally was able to tie it. It’s been a very competitive series.

In game 2, Maynard had a good game, in game 3, you had a good game, is that one of strenghts of this Hørsholm team? That there is more then one go to guy?

I don’t think that it’s just Drew & I who are the go to guys on the team. We get production from the starters(Gilling, Nielsen, Harder) & also guys from the bench, I think that’s what makes us a good team. We don’t need anyone to play “hero” ball or to try to win the game by themselves, we all trust in each other to take care of our roles to accomplish our team goals.

Up 2-1 in the series against Svendborg Rabbits, will Hørsholm make it 3-1? And how?

Hoping to close things out on Thursday, we are hoping to have a packed house for the support. I think that if we continue to play our style of basketball, we can get it done.


Interview   Thomas Sauer Hvidholm