“It feels amazing” – Sarah DeShone

Sarah DeShone og resten af Lemvig holdet, trak det længeste strå, og kunne lørdag, lade sig hylde som dansk pokalmester 2017, efter en sejr over Virum Go Dream. 23 point, blev det for Sarah DeShone, de fleste af dem scoret i 2. halvleg. Lemvig har været i pokalfinalen 2 gange før, men 3 gange blev lykkens gang, for Lemvig. Vi har taget en snak med Sarah DeShone, for at hører hende om kampen, og om Ivana Udovalieva.

Ivana Udovalieva kunne lørdag hæve pokalen, og lade sig fejre som pokalmester 2017.

Ivana Udovalieva kunne lørdag hæve pokalen, og lade sig fejre som pokalmester 2017.

What a game? Can you put some words on the game?

It was a great game to play in. It was a lot of fun playing with my teammates and in front of a bunch of Lemvig fans who brought a bus full of people. We have a great support and they definitely helped us get that win.

You and Lemvig are now Danish pokal champs, how does that feel?

It feels amazing to win the first ever championship for Lemvig. It was great to finally click as a team again. The energy was so positive even when we were down we never felt like we were out of it.

It looked like the team was struggeling a bit in the beginning of the game, what changed the game in your favour?

Our persistence was what kept us in the game. We just kept a positive mindset and knew if we stuck through the rough times in the game and didn’t dig ourselves in too deep of a hole we would be okay.

How was it when Ivana raised the trophy? it looked like a sentimental moment for her and Peter?

I was so happy for her and Peter! They have been working on winning that trophy for many years now and it was definitely well deserved for both of them! They have both put in a lot of hard work into this club and it’s starting to really pay off! I’m so happy for them.

Can you use this win, to anything in the rest of the season?

We really needed this win for our confidence. We have had a rough start to 2017 so hopefully we will keep rolling off this win.

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