“Almost turned it around” – Moritz Lanegger

Team Fog Næstved, kunne ikke følge op, på deres pokaltitel og måtte se sig besejret med 82-77 på udebane mod Hørsholm 79ers. Vi har taget en snak med af de spillere som virkelig spillede godt i slutningen af pokalfinalen. Derfor har vi spurgt Moritz Lanegger om pokalfinalen og om kampen mod Hørsholm 79ers.

Beating Horsens IC with 1 point in the Cup final, how was that?

It was incredible. I think a lot of people thought the game was over but we just kept fighting. To win a game being down 9 points 1.20 minutes before the end is great already. But to do that in a championship game is just indescribable.

Yesterday you had to face Hørsholm, and you lost, How did you see the game against Hørsholm?

It was a pretty bad game for us. We couldn’t get a rhythm for the whole game and didn’t make a lot of shots. Hørsholm played very good Defence and we couldn’t find any solutions. Despite our bad game we still kept fighting and almost turned it around at the end.

Svendborg Rabbits is next, they just lost to Randers Cimbria. Is the game against Svendborg Rabbits a must win for Team Fog Næstved?

The game against Svendborg is a very important one for us. They are our direct opponent in the standing right now. We want to start the playoffs from the third spot so we have to win the game against them.

Næste kamp, for Team Fog Næstved, er som skrevet, Svendborg Rabbits, hvor Næstved, skal forsøge at komme tilbage mod toppen af feltet.